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How to Write a Theological Paper

If I am reviewing a book at some length, at least I usually outline the entire volume, seeking to understand precisely the structure of the arguments, what is being said and how it is being said. The audience chosen will have a great effect on the format and style of the presentation.

April 11, I. It is the view that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are mere manifestations, modes, or roles played by the one and only God. Ruling out modalism thus rules out analogies like the Superman analogy just given. By sinning, we therefore fail to give God something that we owe him.

Morris has suggested that we can find an analogy for the trinity in the psychological condition known as multiple personality disorder: What follows is my method of theological research and writing. God is said to perform miracles, to cure the sick and heal the injured. According to this theory, the just punishment for sin is death and separation from God.

It may also include what could be worse or better that happened. He gave Himself this title and in doing so, declared that He was God. Indeed, on Anselm's view, not only is it just for God to punish us; it is, other things being equal, unfitting for him not to punish us. At this point, therefore, it is natural to wonder what exactly it is that makes both proposals count as versions of social trinitarianism.

This is not splitting hairs but a necessary distinction: Is there an objective way of deciding how many objects are constituted by the lump of bronze that composes The Thinker. This merely provides a way to fend off the critic, however, without supplying any positive model for how the incarnation should be understood.

As should be clear, the notion of substitution isn't really a part of Anselm's theory of the atonement.

They are, rather, quite straightforwardly understandable as distinct aspects of a single, albeit fragmented, psychological subject. Show their similarities and differences.

The following two theses seem to capture that core: But what are the grounds for this assertion. All take the suffering and death of Jesus to be an integral part of his work on our behalf; but the first theory holds Jesus' resurrection and ascension also to be absolutely central to that work, and the second theory holds his sinless life to be of near-equal importance.

Which means that if something as remotely improbable and miraculous as human life could occur, then other miraculous events are also possible: Further, it is hard to see why it would be needed in order for him to merit the sort of reward that Anselm thinks the Father owes him.

Formulate a critical perspective on your sources. Similarly in the case of the commissurotomy analogy. My suggestion is that what Abelard has to contribute to our thinking about the atonement is the idea that divine love, made manifest throughout the life of Christ but especially in his suffering and dying, has the power to transform human sinners, if they cooperate, in ways that fit them for everlasting life in intimate union with God.

Moreover, the penal substitution theory faces the challenge of explaining how it could possibly be just to allow a substitute to bear someone else's punishment.

For this I am forever thankful.

Requiem: A Theological Reflection on Grief

It is true that hell is an eternal separation from God Hell: The hope that Christian faith offers is simply the hope that God is there with us; perhaps not in the ways we demand or would prefer, but nonetheless in ways that are real and meaningful and — beyond the immediacy of our own experience — ultimately redeeming.

Moreover, insofar as there is no well-developed and formally recognized orthodoxy with respect to these matters, those who remain unsatisfied with the theories just described have populated the literature with a variety of alternative stories about the salvific efficacy of the work of Jesus.

In the wake of death so sudden and inexplicable, grief takes many forms. In Latin America in particular, the social and political context of liberation theology grew out of a need to incorporate Marxist ideology into modern democracy.

Something counts as human, in other words, if, and only if, it shares enough of the properties that are typical of humanity. My journey with porn started at an early age and is rooted deep within me.

Reflection Paper 2: Mercy & Judgment

Answer this question in details: Unless we think that we have some special direct insight into the essential properties of human nature, our grounds are that all of the human beings we have encountered have that property.

Jesus was a person who loved, powerfully and deeply.

Theological Reflection Essays (Examples)

In what follows, we shall discuss only three of the most well-known and widely discussed theories or families of theories about what the work of Jesus accomplishes on behalf of human beings. The only person an individual should judge is himself The Judgments—week 8 online article, 9.

Nobody, however, thinks that the fact that Zeus and his siblings nor even, say, Zeus and his begotten daughter Athena count in any meaningful sense as one god. For example, if the statue were melted down, we would no longer have both a lump and a statue:.

EDUC Religious Education Theological Reflection Paper “Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than about God.” Thomas Merton During my life, my immediate family has never acknowledged or demonstrated any. May 9, Theology D81 Reflection Paper Two Introduction: Over the entirety of Theologythe topics that were discussed were vast.

Though many caught my attention and peaked my interest, the two that I choose to expound on in this paper are pastor and character development.

Theological Reflection

the local situation and the knowledge or experience which is the fruit of reflection from other contexts, that is, tradition or formal theology. The future of theology doesn't lie in the agendas and biases of theologians but with the body of Christ and the one who is the Word of God, says the chair of systematic theology at the University of St.

Andrews. Shelly Rambo. A reflection paper, here, assumes an appreciable knowledge of or scholarly interest in a larger category of learning and, thus, an aptitude to interact with others in the field.

Doing Theology in the Doctor of Ministry Program

In Theology and Religious Studies, the student conducts such reflection and composes a theological reflection paper. Pastoral Care in Disaster: a theological reflection The research explores three interrelated theological problems – human suffering as encountered during the eruptions of .

Theology reflection paper
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