Hofstedes cultural dimensions opinion paper

University of New Brunswick. Germany scores a high UAI 65 and Belgium even more 94 compared to Sweden 29 or Denmark 23 despite their geographic proximity. Sell yourself to be taken seriously.

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Practical applications of theory[ edit ] Geert Hofstede is perhaps the best known sociologist of culture and anthropologist in the context of applications for understanding international business. The World Bank, When doing business in Belgium it is important to know your facts and be very organised.

Covering between 14 and 28 countries, the samples included commercial airline pilots, students, civil service managers, 'up-market' consumers and 'elites'. Societies who score low on this dimension, for example, prefer to maintain time-honoured traditions and norms while viewing societal change with suspicion.

This can cause the female population to become more competitive and assertive; however, they are still not on the same level as the male population.

Finding a job in Japan could be difficult for people who are migrating to the country and do not already have a job lined up for them.

Children obey parents, students obey teachers, employees obey employers, etc. Variations on the typologies of collectivism and individualism have been proposed Triandis, ; Gouveia and Ros, Loyalty to ones employer and a tendency to stay with that same employer are also characteristics.

The 6 dimensions of national culture

Through these observations we are able to understand that when doing business in Venezuela, if you want to be successful you must look and act as though you already are successful because the country has a high masculinity which means they value money, power and success.

Therefore it is a country that should be given much consideration when looking at foreign markets. They don't necessarily define individuals' personalities.

Therefore, when the lady with the walking problem was asked to voice her opinion, she was reluctant to express her personal opinion, as the majority of the community members did not possess her problem. Work life and personal life are two different and separate things and privacy in both are respected.

More inclined to open-ended learning or decision making. Practical applications were developed almost immediately. There are other levels for assessing culture.

Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory

The country also belongs to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. In a county with a high power distance value is placed on obedience to the person who is seen as in charge.

Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations [15] which is an updated version of his first publication [4].

Understanding Cultures & People with Hofstede Dimensions

Individuals look out for themselves and their immediate family and therefore look out for ways to better themselves and advance themselves and their immediate family. Having a double sided business card is very important, make sure that one side of the card is in Japanese and the other side is in English.

However, this does not take into consideration that in countries with high power distance and collectivistic cultures, direct feedback is regarded as disrespectful and disgraceful.

They have in-groups and out-groups and think of people in terms of how they fit into such groups Hofstede. Age is an indicator of knowledge and experience.

Compare countries

In the end, if you are doing business with Japan you will always be able to count on them, making Japan an excellent country to do business with. The country falls in the middle and value both femininity and masculinity equally.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions 3 Countries

By analyzing how a country fits into each section a person can get a better understanding of how a culture operates in their daily lives and also in their business. It offers more opportunities to people for competition, access to new goods and services, new technology and knowledge.

Countries with a long-term orientation tend to be pragmatic, modest, and more thrifty. This means that it tends to be a male dominated society and power structure. In order to confirm the early results from the IBM study and to extend them to a variety of populations, six subsequent cross-national studies have successfully been conducted between and Organisations have more bureaucracy and larger pay difference exist between jobs and positions.

The theory of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions constitutes a framework revolving around cross-cultural communication, which was devised by Geert Hofstede. The dimensions collectively portray the impact of the culture ingrained in society on the values of the members of that society.

Uncertainty Avoidance18 Conclusion19 Conclusion to Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture20 References23 Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture Introduction to Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture InGeert Hofstede published a book called Culture’s Consequences.

In this book, he divides cultures into four basic categories. The Hofstede model of national culture consists of six dimensions. The cultural dimensions represent independent preferences for one state of affairs over another that distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other.

By using Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions as a starting point, you can evaluate your approach, your decisions, and your actions, based on a general sense of how people in a. Aside from Hofstede's five cultural dimensions, there are other factors on which culture can be analyzed.

There are other levels for assessing culture. These levels are overlooked often because of the nature of the construction of these levels.

Please select a country in the dropdown menu below to see the values for the 6 dimensions. After a first country has been selected, a second and even a third country can be chosen to be able to see a comparison of their scores. To compare your personal preferences to the scores of a country of your choice, please purchase our cultural survey tool, the Culture Compass™.

Hofstedes cultural dimensions opinion paper
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