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Those who have read examples of the kinds of states encountered in spiritual travel located on other pages of this site will understand that some experimentation and discovery in the inner worlds may prepare the soul for many of the dynamics of the states it may encounter after death.

In Tantric Buddhist cosmology, existence has a foreground which consists of the many worlds of incarnation, and also a background which is the space between these worlds which is called the bardo world.

Hope for Him whilst you live, know while you live, understand while you live: It brings me energetic nourishment. But according to our relationship with Christ, these four stages should be designated in this way: They are also viewed as temporary and not eternal.

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Unethical actions during life seem to separate the soul from the knowledge and wisdom attained while living, and leave it helpless to experience the results of its actions in the afterlife.

To use the swimming analogy, here the individual calls out to a lifeguard in hopes of being rescued from the turbulent waters of the bardo state. Their line is gone out through all the earth and their language to the end of the world. We hope that many will benefit from these spiritual riches.

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These are the heaven worlds, the hell worlds, the world of hungry ghosts, the asura demigod worlds, and the animal worlds. Actually, these are not worth being listed under the category of the will of God. Slowness is typically necessary to undergo this shift, but it is not a sufficient condition.

Most visionary ideas, however great they are, are only ideas. The writer was inspired to write this Psalm while he was observing heaven and earth. We have learned to use it to control life.

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As a spiritual seeker who also is dealing with cancer, these accounts are very comforting. The mind is crucial to evolution because it is aware of what exists.

The opposite of conscious control is a dream-like state where the individual experiences only the results of his or her previous actions, and mechanically moves from thought to thought based on thinking patterns developed during life.

The contents discuss the experience of life in nineteen items, explaining the experience of the various stages of spiritual life and the way of pursuing the Lord.

This is one of the important reasons for learning spiritual travel so that encounters with powerful spiritual states of consciousness become familiar and desirable instead objects of fear to be avoided.

You can also explore Befriending Lifethe website where I document my own embodiment journey, and share a longer list of resources. However life experiences and memories of compassion, kindness, joy in other's good fortune and other Buddhist virtues will also influence their experience in the Bardo.

And over time, some variation of the initial vision starts emerging in reality, without my having tried to bring it into existence, just having allowed myself to receive all the bits and pieces that led to it. After she received my answers, she asked one more simple question, "How much did your land cost.

While the religious person can look forward to heaven at the time of death, the spiritual traveler who has been trying to do spiritual travel all his or her life can also look forward to death in certain respects.

The founder and initiator of the gogo. What was that experience like, specifically pertaining to finances. The Bardos or Stages of Death and the Afterlife The realm of the afterlife is called the world of the bardo.

Many or perhaps most Buddhist teachers claim that experience in the second bardo is completely determined by karma and deny that conscious control of experience is possible in this state. It was cheaper for us to build on our own than hire a contractor.

The soul experienced in spiritual travel is less likely to be disoriented by this inner torrent of psychic experience. This is what facilitates the internal energetic shifts needed for what you see to come into reality. Life becomes much easier. The bardo concept is an umbrella term which includes the transitional states of birth, death, dream, transmigration or afterlife, meditation, and spiritual luminosity.

For instance, we framed the whole house before we bought windows. When I feel confused or conflicted about what to do, I now direct my attention toward feeling the confusion or the tension, feeling my dissatisfaction with what is happening, feeling the tension between the different options I am thinking about, rather than trying to mentally force resolution before there is an energetic shift that allows organic resolution.

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6 Ways to Process the Experience of Life

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Experience of life
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