Air asia ansoff matrix

AirAsia Berhad, Annual Report An organization like Air Asia Berhad may identify its inherent capabilities and strengths and try to bank upon them for formulating business strategies. Also there hardly exists any substitute for jet fuel, resulting in increased bargaining power of the suppliers.

Threat of substitutes is very high as there are number of substitutes available to the customers. Diversification seems to be the best suitable practise in this environment as airline industry has started to decline. The brand also has an opportunity to undergo more collaboration with airports to use the existing airport passenger transit facilities to reduce the overall capital expenditure for Air Asia Berhad.

It persuades its website visitors to book tickets for their journey and travel plans. New Markets Market Development The firm targets new market with its existing products.

Case Analysis: Air Asia Berhad–126903

These measures to minimize the non-renewable fuel resources would not only benefit the respective Airlines in terms of cost control, but it would also help in reducing the carbon foot prints on the planet. The fast pace of regional urbanization experienced in the Asian continent is resulting in creation of new urban centers across the region.

Situation Analysis or macro economic analysis is essential to understand a holistic view on the aviation industry, especially for the low cost carriers. Besides, there are 2 main characteristics of low cost businesses which including in AirAsia are outstanding efficiency and operation effectiveness.

Rail and Road Transport are attractive substitutes available for domestic Air travel in the Asian countries. The geographical location of Qatar airways provides it opportunity to offer long haul air travel between Europe and Asia with minimum switching.

Besides, AirAsia try to maintain the lowest cost hence everyone can fly with AirAsia. The power of buyers: Competitive advantage is defined as an edge or superiority over the competitors that allows a company to generate goods or services which are more appealing to customers. Going to long haul in suitable and aligns with its strategy.

This has maintained the consumer interest in the brand.

Samsung Ansoff Matrix and Generic Strategies

Social Analysis The rising disposable income in the hands of the Asian Consumers is a positive reflection for the growth of the Aviation business in the Asian continent. Strategic capabilities of Air Asia Berhad (Using SWOT Analysis and Races Model) 6 The Ansoff Opportunity Matrix is another Strategic Management tool that describes and predicts an organization’s growth opportunities with the existing as well as new products and Markets (Capodagli & Jackson, ).

According to this Matrix there are four. Air Asia is the leading low fare airline in the Asia and Air Asia is the pioneer of low cost flying in Asia.

Samsung Ansoff Matrix and Generic Strategies

SinceAir Asia has tremendously expanding as the largest low cost carrier in Asia. Just over 8 years later, the AirAsia Group (including its Thai and Indonesian affiliates) operates a fleet of 90 aircraft and flies to more than Product/Service Development Ansoff Matrix Market Development Growth strategy which enables the business to focus on the process of selling existing products into the existing market.

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Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up Sign In Air Asia flights [pic]AirPhil Express [pic]Cebu Pacific. Free Essays on Air Asia Ansoff Growth Matrix for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Further analysis using the Ansoff Matrix, lends evidence to the successful growth of the organization.

Additionally, the international strategies that were implemented exhibit the foresight of the airline. Customer Relationship Management (Air Asia Berhad, Annual Report ). Additionally, AirAsia provides online booking.

Case Analysis: Air Asia Berhad–126903 Air asia ansoff matrix
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